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Janitorial Services

Whenever you need professional janitorial services, Prospect Cleaning Inc is your best choice. There is nothing better than working in a clean, fresh space, which is why our staff will provide you with the best cleaning services at affordable rates. Please contact us right now and get a free estimate of our services.

Office Cleaning

Did you know that a messy office calls for a nonproductive day? If you can use some help organizing and cleaning around the office, rely on the technique and experience from the specialists at Prospect Cleaning Inc. We will sanitize desks, organize paper work, vacuum floors, and more.

Gym Cleaning

Gyms are filled with a ton of sweaty people- - you know what that means, germs! Wipe down all gym equipment and sanitize workout spaces with our help. Prospect Cleaning Inc

Restaurant Cleaning

As soon as the kitchen closes and the last table was bussed, our cleaning specialists get to work. Make sure your restaurant’s ambience amounts to the quality of the food- - it is important for dining areas to be clean and fresh for following days. Leave your restaurant cleaning to Prospect Cleaning Inc; call us today.


Bank Cleaning

Present your clients with a clean building that will surely set off a good first impression and that will establish long term relationships. With a clean bank, you’ll be more likely to obtain repeated visitors and clients. Make sure your bank gets professional cleaning done. Prospect Cleaning Inc specializes in bank cleaning services.

Dentist Clinic Cleaning

Patient health and safety is always a number one priority- -we are sure you will agree. Clean your dentist clinic in tip top shape by allowing for our team to dust off, sanitize, and disinfect all areas of your office. We make sure the bathrooms are clean, that the reception counters are clutter free, and much more.

Strip waxing

Are you looking for high class stripping and waxing services? Then count on our cleaning experts from Prospect Cleaning Inc. We offer highly efficient stripping and waxing solutions that restore the shine and beauty of your floors in no time. Call us today to learn the benefits of waxed and stripped floors.

Floor cleaning

When a commercial or residential property is highly trafficked, you can expect all sorts of things to stick onto your floors. If your floors have lost their shine and all that they are covered in now is grime, hire a cleaning specialist from Prospect Cleaning Inc. We leave your floors looking as good as new!


Carpet cleaning

Is your carpet filled with stains? Does your carpet have any weird odors? If your carpet looks like everything but clean, get our cleaning specialists to help you. We make sure to thoroughly wash away all stains and odors that have gotten in the way of your carpet’s beauty. Let’s get you a clean carpet, call us today.


Power washing is perhaps the best cleaning alternative when it comes to removing dirt, grime, and debris off of surfaces like a deck, patio, driveway, roof, or even exterior wall. Pressure washing will remove dirt from even the hardest to reach areas in no time. Call us today.

Window Cleaning

Throughout the course of time, you’ll notice your windows accumulating dust, dirt, and even a few hand prints here and there. If your windows are dirty, leave it to the professionals at Prospect Cleaning Inc to restore their shine. We work with the best window cleaning products and equipment for an impeccable finish.

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Prospect Cleaning Inc was founded more than 14 years ago in the state of Massachusetts. We have earned the reputation of being the best and most trustworthy cleaning services in the area. We believe that the success that our company has had can be owed to our work ethic and the word of mouth provided by satisfied clients.

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